“The Perfect Agency LLC. is exactly as it is named. The professionalism and
availability of this organization are a definite reason why I chose to conduct
business with the agency. The actors and models are well trained for the needs our
company, and were met. I have not found an agency that gets the production done
on time and with the flexibility like this one in years. I’m looking forward to working
with this company again.”

Cortez Harvey - Chairman of Cortey D, LLC.

Although I've been to several baby showers myself I had never thrown one, so I was very nervous going into this event. When I hooked up with Lameisha, she was very nice and informative on different styles and products that we could use. She didn't treat me like a business, she treated me like a friend. She did an exceptional job and she made the venue look so pretty. Everyone was astonished and I also was wowed because she was not expensive and she did not break my pockets with the products that we used. I would definitely recommend her for my family and friends and I do plan on using her services again in the future.

Cheetara Reddick